Everyone’s style and budget are different so we would want to do a consultation with you to discuss what it is that you’re looking for and then we can discuss pricing. Please email bridal@pinupstudioraleigh.com for a consultation!


Payment processing is done online via Honey Book. We will process a card once upon contract signing and another payment one month prior to your event.

The payment can only be made with one credit card and can not be split between wedding party members.

The amount of time your hair and makeup will take depends on several different factors. We allot 30 – 45 minutes for wedding party members and 45 minutes – 1 hour for the Bride.

The booking minimum is 6 services for all weekend weddings on site. 1 makeup application = 1 service and 1 hairstyle = 1 service.

The sooner the better when it comes to booking! Especially during wedding season, things get filled up fast and we want to ensure we get you on the books when you need! We do recommend booking 9-12 months prior to your wedding date.

We’re happy to come to you! The travel fee is $1.50 per mile round trip from our salon home in North Raleigh.

Please come with clean, dry hair. Washing your hair 24 hours in advance is absolutely fine!

This all depends on how many services are in your party and what your time frame is. 

With Pinup Bridal, there is no need to have your hair done prior to wedding day. We will meet you on-site the same day and have you looking fabulous just in time!

Strip lashes are optional but come with all makeup applications!

This is really more of a personal preference, but we suggested coloring hair a week or so prior to your wedding day to ensure the cuticle has closed, you’re happy with the color, and your hair is ready for styling. 

They can certainly help depending on the style you’re looking for! This can all be discussed further at your trial and our professionals will be happy to color match you at that time for extensions!

We would love if you would bring 2-3 inspiration pictures with you!

YES! Please don’t be afraid to ask for a touch-up if you feel like you need one! We’ll ensure everyone is good to go before we leave!

Headcount is due when the contract is signed and the deposit is paid. It is, however, possible to add on services after but we cannot remove them.

You should book your trial 1-3 months prior to your wedding.

We use all different brands of makeup to accommodate ALL skin tones, types, etc. If there is a certain brand you’re looking for, just let us know!

Yes, there is a $100 hourly fee for staying on site after all services have been completed. 

Pinup Bridal